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Massage is a very useful mechanical physical therapy tool applied for various purposes. Massage gains more value in hands with medical knowledge. 

Massage is performed in the following cases: Edema due to inactivity (watery swelling), chronic venous inflammation, lymphangitis, varicose veins, paralysis, chronic inflammatory joint and peri-articular rheumatism, devastating (degenerative) joint rheumatism, joint and peri-articular tissue muscle damage ( It is very useful for healing bone fractures, some metabolic diseases, fatty tissue, painful swelling (cellulitus), post-traumatic edema and blood residues, strengthening the muscles, resting and softening the tired muscles. Because of its effects on the muscles, massage is loved by athletes. 

There are various massage maneuvers. We can list them as follows: 

Classic Massage

It is a type of massage that is generally used as a general resting and relaxation method for the body to start the day fresh or to get rid of the daily tiredness and troubles of life. The important thing is to ensure that the person receiving the massage feels fit and rested in a comfortable and pleasant environment. It is usually done with massage oil, but in some cases, it is possible to apply classical massage without using a lubricant.

Swedish Massage

It is a type of massage that is generally used as a general resting and relaxation method for the body to start the day fresh or to get rid of the daily tiredness and troubles of life. The important thing here is to ensure that the person can be relaxed and enjoy the environment they are in. It is a massage performed with the Western technique and usually using massage oils, and it can be done without the use of lubricant in rare cases.

Aromatherapy Massage

It is a massage method applied using massage oils prepared from mixtures obtained from plant extracts. The attention to detail in this massage is that the tempo is low and the intensity of the movements is light. It is a relaxing massage. The effect of this massage is due to both the contact and the chemical properties of the oil applied. Oils obtained for different purposes are applied by mixing them with massage oils in certain proportions.

Ventosa Massage

The most important feature that distinguishes Ventosa massage from other treatments is that it does not cause a traumatic effect on people. The effect of Ventosa massage lasts for a long time and does not have any serious side effects. You can easily have a cup massage whenever you need it. Cupping has many benefits, and one of them is feeding the cells, so your blood circulation will accelerate, and then your heart's work will be regulated. Since cup massage is usually done as a result of pain in the back area, it is also for the treatment of acid accumulation. This strengthens the joints.

Stone Massage

Hot Stone Therapy is a form of massage using heated stones. The heat absorbed from the stones increases blood circulation and helps to deliver more blood cells to the cells. At the end of the massage, the person receiving therapy feels relief from stiffness and pain in their muscles. Periodic application of Stone Therapy is effective on chronic problems. In addition to eliminating the identified problems, it also energizes physically, emotionally and mentally. The energy level is increased with meditations by using the high energies of the stones.

Thai Massage

In this massage, the basic structure of which is Indian Yoga and Chinese traditional medicine, mostly compression and stretching movements are performed. It is done dressed on a semi-hard floor. Sixty types of stretching, pulling, stretching and compression movements can be applied, this massage is performed in a time period of one and a half hours to four hours, and although it causes discomfort during the massage, there is a noticeable relief after the application.

Reflexology Massage

In this massage, which is evident based on the principle that the feet are the mirror of our body and forms an indispensable part of the Far East traditional medicine, pressure is applied to certain points on the sole of the feet. Each point on the foot represents certain organs and tissues in the body. Reflexology is a kind of balance massage and makes the person feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually. According to the reactions of the person to certain points on the foot, problems are determined and tried to be repaired.

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