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We are at your service with our expert staff

Package - 1

+45 min. elective massage
+Pouch & Foam

Package - 2

+60 min. elective massage
+Pouch & Foam

Pack - 3


+60 min. elective massage

Ventosa Massage

+90 min.
+Accompanied by an Expert Filipino Massage Therapist

Sisli Massage Opportunity

With the opportunity of Aromatherapy, Classical Swedish, Bali, Deep tissue, Ventosa (Cup - Cup massage) and Reflexology massage to be applied with the magic touches of expert therapists in our spa center, your whole body will be relaxed and you will be renewed by relieving your tiredness...

Enjoying massage and spa in the quality atmosphere of Initium Spa will feel like a peaceful holiday in the midst of daily stress and chaos!

You will definitely feel completely different with this massage opportunity and you will want to repeat this massage experience as soon as possible!

As we mentioned above, by choosing the most suitable skewered massage opportunity for you, you will be able to benefit from our free sauna and pool as much as you wish.

To take advantage of Initium Spa's massage offer options at affordable prices and to relieve your tiredness, make your massage appointment without wasting time.

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